Maximizing Your Results Creating Power Players Out Of Your
Most Uncertain, Untapped Talent
MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING WITH WAYNE MENDEZONA Over the years, motivational guidance from Wayne has
helped many entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes and
other high performers to triumph over their challenges and
achieve success in their respective fields.
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Creating Power Players Out Of Your Most Uncertain, Untapped Talent


Will result in finding your true strengths. Digging deep is necessary when you’re in the middle of the battle, but you are so tired, worn out, and exhausted that you’re not sure whether you have anything left to give. It is that pressure cooker position of physical, mental, or circumstantial pain that you will inevitably face on the road to maximization.


Conquer the wall of intimidation will escalate your self confidence. What scares you to death? What makes you so fearful your fight- or-flight instinct is consistently engaged? Learn how to face this weak opponent and stomp it in the ground by having a confronting attitude and mind-set of courage-commitment and conquest which will allow you to seize the moment and achieve maximization


Maximize it and You’ll will never be the same. Most people just set dreams aside and never make a relentless attempt to fulfill them. Dreams are usually relegated to being pure fantasy, pie in the sky, and never going to happen. Striving for extraordinary greatness is what makes life full of vitality, intrigue, and exhilaration! We must take that leap of faith and focus on the beauty of the pursuit, the journey, and all the wonderful experiences that will be captured along the way in the pursuit of our dreams.

Wayne Mendezona

a.k.a. Coach Mendo, is a motivational speaker and passionate communicator.

For the past 26 years, he has been a professional basketball coach. He has trained and motivated over 40,000 young upstart athletes from youth to professional levels.

Wayne had the privilege of playing four years in the European pro league, three of those years in Germany and one in Austria. As a head coach, he had the opportunity to coach nineteen years, eleven at the college level and eight overseas, including being the national coach of Bahrain for two years and leading the team to compete in the Asian games Barcelona Olympic qualifier. As a result of his passion and desire to do the extraordinary, Wayne has had the privilege of traveling and visiting over 48 different countries to date over the course of his playing and coaching career.

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When it comes to choosing a professional speaker for your next event, you’ll find no one more authentic or passionate—no one who will leave your audience or colleagues with a genuine motivation and passion to maximize in life—than Wayne Mendezona, one of the most dynamic and life-transforming speakers of our generation.

He is a renowned business speaker and motivational coach, and is here to help you out. He will give you inspiration and empower you to discover mental toughness, dedication and commitment that you greatly need for overcoming business adversities and challenges and for making your business a roaring success.

Over the years, motivational guidance from Wayne has helped many entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes and other high performers to triumph over their challenges and achieve success in their respective fields.

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We always strive for the best.

SeePatrick Snow

“Every now and again, you meet someone who changes your life, inspires you to greatness, and epitomizes the true meaning of leadership. ‘Coach Mendo’ is that ‘one’ who will inspire you to greatness and maximizes your fullest potential deep down inside. Not only is he one of the most passionate speakers of our time, but this book will become a classic and a ‘must have’ addition for your collection. Read this book, listen to his message, and you will be on the right track to achieving your destiny!” — Patrick Snow, Publishing Coach and International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

Chris Price

“Over the top and right on point, Wayne is a man on a mission. His work shows us that maximizing potential and supercharging achievement is possible. He teaches a motivational adherence to a life of integrity, honesty, and discipline that will replace a life of mediocrity and doubt. His ‘get real’ and ‘get tough’ approach to a maximized life uniquely prepares us, and it is ultimately freeing to those who dare risk grabbing hold of their dreams.”

Robert Fratesi

“Winning in business, athletics, or life is a matter of heart and re- quires a determined mindset. In Maximizing Your Results, Wayne Mendezona cuts no corners but provides inspiring stories from his playing and coaching days of what it takes to strive for excellence and be a difference maker. As an eighty-six-year-old man, I have witnessed many individuals striving for excellence in all areas of life and can truly say that I have never met a person like Wayne who has the dedication and determination to be a ‘winner’ and maximize his results. This book is a must read!”

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