“Go”– Motivational Newsletter 2013

G- “Go for it”

O- “Overachieve”
“GO” is a magic word that I want to share as you begin to participate in pre-season workouts & set your mind on a successful season.  “GO” is a challenging word because it indicates moving forward, buying in, walking the walk and not just talking the talk.  “GO” is a “state of mind” void of contemplation, indecisiveness and behavior based on excuse making.  “GO” is relentless, savage, focused, passionate and filled with creative flow and energy directed at accomplishing a goal and a dream.  When I think of “GO”, I think of a green light, not a yellow (i.e., pause, yield; caution light), or a red light (i.e., stop & wait).  “GO” has the idea of 100% buy-in; a no nonsense attitude void of excuse making & blame shifting.

In my 20 plus years as a coach & trainer I have experienced another concerning reality made by players & parents that I want to genuinely share with you that hurts the concept of “GO”. It is the “moving target” concept theory.  This theory is the idea that your target (or goal) is constantly moving, so you must continually jump through different hoops in a false sense of misdirection based on promises that lack credibility.  It is one program today, a new program tomorrow, following the promises of another path that quite honestly, 9 times out of 10 lead to a dead end, disillusionment and non-maximization.  In our program, the goal is one thing and one thing only and that is complete maximization of a player in the context of achieving excellence. For so many players on our 20 plus year pilgrimage, we have accomplished this high and lofty goal.  However, it also must be noted that this has not been achieved in a number of players because for whatever reason they have failed to stay the course of maximization. They chose the road of a “moving target” & ended up non-maximized in the pursuit of achieving excellence.  It is my goal that you would grasp the acronym “GO” and will make a determined effort to stay the course, keep your focus on the bulls eye of your target (your dream & goal) and stay in a relentless pursuit of fulfilling your dream.

G– “Go For It”–The biggest thing in achieving any dream or goal is pushing off the starting line.  Whether it is a skill; ball-handling, passing, footwork shooting, defense etc,  conditioning; quickness, jump reach, speed, endurance, strength training, weight loss etc, accomplishments;  making a team, being a starter, lead the team in a specific category, all conference, college scholarship etc.  “Go For It” has the mind set of starting strong, making that first move, pushing off and moving forward with determination & supreme effort.  I challenge you to set your dream & goal, to get off your fanny and “Go For It”.  Visualize your dream (succeeding) mentally and verbalize your goal, followed by “Go For It” repeating it out loud daily 25 to100 times. Don’t start tomorrow, start today, don’t procrastinate any longer!  This is the day of reckoning, this is the time for you to “Go For It”.

O– “Overachieve”— This is the principle of going beyond a stated goal or dream.  For example–if your goal is to run 4 miles every other day because your dream is to run in a half marathon.  When you start pursuing the goal & beginning to run 4 miles every other day, try and beat your time, attempt to sprint the last 50 yards–the next time try to sprint 60 yards.  If your dream is to run a half marathon, don’t stop there.  Overachieve & try to hit a certain time, and then try to beat that time by 10 seconds.  Every time you work out or engage in working towards your dream, try to do something that is overachieving or a step above & beyond, go a little bit harder and give a little bit more.  Workout a little bit harder, try to get to your second wind a little bit quicker, work through your pain with a little bit more drive; if your goal is to do 20 push-ups, do 21; if your goal was to shoot 100 free-throws every week,  shoot 105 or 110; if your goal was to make 6 out of 10, don’t leave until you make 7 or 8 out of 10.  And every time you say “GO” & repeat your goal repeat the acronym- “G” “Go For It” and repeat it, and repeat “O” “Overachieve” and repeat it to your self over and over again.  If you apply the acronym “GO” and keep your eye on the target, stay the course for maximization, you will achieve greatness!

The Magic Word “GO”

Coach Mendo

The QH Way: Maximize-Overachieve-Confidence

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