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I love to use the word “Heat” because it reminds me of my favorite team, the Miami Heat.  And also I enjoy the word “Heat” because to me, it implies positive energy, intensity, being invested and dominating.  These are a few of the words that come to my mind when I think of “Heat”.

The opposite of “Heat” is coldCold to me implies indifference, not invested, giving up and defeated.   Also when I think of “Heat” I think more about the process then the finished product.  You see, our society is wired in such a crazy way, partly, I believe, because of insecurity; that wining at all costs is most important.  The idea of “Heat” is more about the process, the day in and day out process of pushing oneself to limits that you never expected; crossing to another level of confidence; ushering in a new era of skill development that transcends into ultimate and continued success on the court.  Many players are looking only for the big break, the ultimate prize, a championship without understanding the process; and because so few attain that level, many players become discouraged, despondent and give up.  If they don’t give up they become mediocre with their work habits and their commitment.  But always remember that mediocrity is generally always in bed with excuse making.  Boy, the excuses are plentiful; “if you only knew my coach…….my situation…….. my injury……..my obstacles……..” and the list goes on and on.  When you’re wrapped up in “Heat” and this motivational acronym that I will share with you, you are more focused on being the best you can be day in and day out.  With this mindset you can rest assured that you are positioning yourself for ultimate success.

Think about the “HEAT” acronym as I break it down;

Hheart:  Possessing and embodying “Heat” first and foremost is a player that has a huge heart.  This type of heart is marked not only by just a hit & miss intensity level of one basketball game, but it is the daily process of a fighter and competitor that doesn’t take defeat lightly.  A player full of Heat battles giving in every practice and game with everything in their heart!


Eenergy:  A “Heat” player has tremendous physical, mental and emotional energy that is projected around them at all the times.  Excuses are not a part of this player’s mentality but they are constantly creating real dynamic energy through enthusiasm and empowerment towards their teammates.  This energy is contagious and spreads throughout the team! In order to spread this type of energy, you must step out of your comfort zone, step out of the ordinary and take the initiative to be a leader and not a follower.

Aattitude:  A “Heat” player comes with the right attitude and mindset of cooperation all the time.  It is easy to have a good attitude when things are going your way but when faced with adversity not going your way; a possible injury, a slump, a losing streak or difficult times outside of basketball, this is the test of a true “Heat” attitude.  Do you still have a team mentality?  Are you still willing to sacrifice your all for your Faith, family & team?  Or is this the time you are going to be negative and start to spread seeds of discord and negativity to others and ultimately effect the team?  A “Heat” player is one that has a tremendous attitude that is infectious and supportive of the process of both individual and team success.

T- tenacious:  A “Heat” player has a tenacious spirit that is reflected in a very aggressive and fighting manner on the court.  I am not talking about playing dirty, but I am talking about a bulldog mentality that goes the extra mile and gives that extra effort to do what most other players are only willing to view but not participate.  A tenacious “Heat” player comes up with those 50/50 loose balls; is willing to sacrifice their body and take a charge; dive for a loose ball; take a bow in the face to get a critical rebound; set a hard screen; drive with authority to the basket and not avoid contact.  Are you a tenacious player or a passive and soft player?

You see, at the end of day, real people with basketball knowledge who really care and have genuine motives will evaluate you more on “Heat” which deals with ones character, effort and selfless play, then on just being a superstar and winning at all costs.  If you follow and apply the “Heat” acronym and these principles, you will be well on the way to being the ultimate superstar and winner.

Make that decisive first move and commit to “Heat”!!

Coach Mendo

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