Next Step Athletics: Hope & Help for our Youth    

I wanted to update you on the progress of your giving and investment to Next Step Athletics.

I am pleased to share with you two successful clinics conducted in the past few months. Please review the pictures and it will help you understand the amazing impact your support has on the lives of our less fortunate youth.

Ferguson Missouri Clinic

A powerful clinic conducted during a very tense time in the local community. With tremendous support from the community and local volunteers, we were able to reach out and train under-privilege youth with a strong 3 hour clinic. We gave out numerous gifts and training aids and were able to share important to provide basketball instruction and skill development, mental toughness training, goal setting strategies and inspirational messages of hope and dream building.

Clinic Pictures

Moldova Europe Clinic

Coach Wayne Mendezona  ( who came from Seattle, Washington to lead the camp wrote:

“The camp I conducted in Moldova March 10-13 2015 in partnership with the Admirals Academy was an incredible experience.  The young men comprising the Admirals Academy did an outstanding job in supporting me as counselors.  They exhibited tremendous energy, compassion and support for the 60 kids attending camp.  They also demonstrated strong basketball knowledge and leadership experience.  Their team building program was a raving success and their passion to share Christ and build bridges of support, hope and love was unceasing from the first to the last day of camp.”

The 13 – 14 year old teens came from five different cities from North of Moldova. Please, join with us in prayer for God’s work in their hearts.

Here is the link to the photos: Clinic Pictures #1Clinic Pictures #2

Admiral Web Site:

Next Step Athletics is a non-profit 501 C-3 that was formed in 2010.  The dream of this grassroots program is designed to be completely engaged, active and change agents for our youth today.  Our dream and vision is to reach our young people with hope and help through athletics and specifically basketball.  It is our goal to have a profound impact on character development, the pursuit of excellence and to create opportunities for those less fortunate who have amazing dreams and talents but have not been afforded the financial opportunity to realize their dreams and aspirations.

We are specifically asking that you would consider making a financial donation to Next Step Athletics to help us come alongside our youth in the following areas:
1.  Scholarships for AAU players to participate and compete on one of our teams.
2.  Scholarship those without financial means to participate in basketball skill development training.
3.  To provide assistance to help us reach out to communities both locally and across the country to inner cities to provide basketball clinics, training, along with teaching aids and basketball clothing free of charge.

All three of these areas are the focus of Next Step Athletics.  We will not be able to provide the much needed help in these three areas without your support.

Please consider making an end of the year contribution to our non-profit outreach program by clicking on the donate now button below in providing much needed resource.  There is no higher calling or greater aspiration to support our youth in their development to help them fulfill their dreams and transform our society.

Next Step Athletics Video Presentation

Thank you.

Wayne Mendezona
Next Step Athletics

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