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Relishing The Big Challenges


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Mendo – Relishing The Big Challenges video!!

The 3 STEP Challenge:
Step-Up: To the plate of success.  Don’t sit in the dugout.
Step-Out: Read the pitch and swing the bat.  Don’t stand up at the plate and strike out, not swinging the bat.
Step-Through: Go for it.  Finish your swing and turn a single into a double, a double into a triple, a triple into a home run.  And if the bases are loaded and your ducks are lined up, swing for a grand-slam!  Don’t settle for mediocrity; knock your dreams out of the park!

Breakthrough Challenge Questions:

  1. Are you a spectator or a participator when it comes to taking on challenges?
  2. Can you identify one or two hindrances to facing a challenge head-on?
  3. Will you apply the 3 Step Challenge and make it happen to conquer a challenge you face?  Now is the time to shine!

Note: Write out your answers to challenge yourself.


Remember the bigger the challenge, the greater the benefits and rewards.  Just soak up that sentence for a second and think about the story I shared in the video with you and the benefits our family experienced because we chose to not throw in the towel, but meet the challenge head-on. 

Please feel free to share with me a personal story of a challenge you accepted and the benefits experienced.  If you do share your story and approve of me sharing it with others I will certainly use your success story in future speaking opportunities.
Email: coachmendo@results.builderallwp.com

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Please share this newsletter with family and friends or whoever may want to sign-up and receive inspiration on a monthly basis! Please Click Here to receive our inspirational newsletters!!

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